A Place for Us
Provides a loving home environment for dogs (usually one, no more than three at a time) who have come from local shelters and who need to find permanent homes.

AAHA Helping Pets Fund  New!
As the benevolent arm of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Foundation, the AAHA Helping Pets Fund helps those in need access quality veterinary care for their sick or injured pets. We raise funds and award grants supporting veterinary care for pets that have been abandoned or whose owners are experiencing financial hardship.

All Pets Rescue
On Petfinder

American Brittany Rescue
The purpose of rescue is to take in stray, abandoned, surrendered and/or impounded purebred Brittanys, provide them with foster care, health and temperament screening, offer an opportunity for rehabilitation if necessary, assure their health and place them in new homes.

American Toy Fox Terrier Club
Providing information about Toy Fox Terriers as well as other facets of the world of purebred dogs.

Animal Legal Defense Fund
Founded in 1979, ALDF is the country's leading animal rights law organization working nationally to defend animals from abuse and exploitation. ALDF's network of over 750 attorneys is dedicated to protecting and promoting animal rights. Explore their  website and discover what they are doing and what you can do right now to help provide a better life for animals.

The Animal Spirit
Lots of great articles on preventing Animal Abuse, Adopting, Rescue, Animal Welfare, Animal Safety, and lots, lots more!

Atlantic Maltese Rescue
Atlantic Maltese Rescue, Inc. is a group of volunteers along the East Coast from New England to Georgia. Our volunteers work to find foster homes and ultimately forever homes for abandoned, neglected, impounded, or unwanted purebred Maltese dogs.

Beagle Rescue (Penny Angels Beagle Rescue)

Bridgeport, Connecticut Animal Shelter

Brookline Animal Hospital
The Brookline Animal Hospital takes in stray and abandoned animals for the city of Boston.  They have lots of wonderful dogs in urgent need of homes.  Please visit their web page today or call (617) 277-2030 ext. 138.

Buddy Dogs Humane Society
Make a friend for life and adopt a cat or dog from Buddy Dog Humane Society in Sudbury, Ma.Their beautiful new website features photos of pets currently available for adoption, information on the shelter and lots of helpful tips for pet owners.

Canine Connections
If you are looking to adopt a family pet, this is a good group to call. They are a non-profit organization, networking with Boston area Animal Control officers, shelters and private owners. Their list of adoptable pets is updated daily.

Chinooks Worldwide
Our primary goal is to provide a safe and friendly transitional environment to any Chinook in need, while actively working to find him/her a suitable new home.

Doberman Rescue Unlimited
Established in 1988, Doberman Rescue Unlimited, Inc. (DRU) is a nonprofit, charitable organization whose purpose is to rescue abused, abandoned and unwanted Dobermans and place them in good, safe and loving homes.

Dog Adoption Network
DAN is a non-profit program that reports stories of animal welfare, legislative initiatives promoting animal welfare, stories of adoptions and other important animal rights issues particularly in western MA. They are also committed to helping dogs in shelters (in particular the Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control Center) get a second chance at life by showing videos and placing ads in newspapers.

Eastern Shar-Pei Rescue Network
This site has been designed to educate owners about Chinese Shar-pei, promote responsible pet ownership, provide virtual support for the rescue and rehoming of homeless purebreds in the eastern US states

Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter
A "No Kill" Shelter in Pittsfield, Massachusetts

German Shepherd Rescue of New England
German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc. (GSRNE) is a volunteer, 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to providing veterinary care, evaluation services, and adoptive homes for the countless numbers of German Shepherd Dogs who are abandoned or left in pounds to await an uncertain fate. Rescue services are also provided to German Shepherds in acute need of placement due to changing family circumstances such as divorce, family illness, allergies, relocation to a "No Dogs Allowed" situation or economic hardship.

Greyhound Friends
Greyhound Friends Inc., located at 167 Saddle Hill Road, Hopkinton, MA 01748 (508-435-5969) is a small, non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the plight of racing greyhounds and finding loving and responsible homes for these magnificent creatures. Greyhounds have gentle dispositions and make wonderful companions.  

Greysland Greyhound Adoption
GreysLand believes that all Greyhounds deserve a chance to live the good life. This includes younger, healthy dogs, as well as older or injured ones. GreysLand has successfully found loving, responsible homes for Greyhounds that otherwise would never have had a chance, such as those with badly fractured legs, heartworm disease, tumors, and seniors, who are often overlooked. GreysLand is working towards the day when all retired racers can live out their lives in loving, responsible homes.

Halfway Home Rescue
Halfway Home Rescue of Hickory, NC is organized on the principle 'that all life has value. All animals have right to health and happiness.'   In their program they look for FOREVER homes. Mission Statement is "To care for and rehome unwanted animals, To help eliminate abuse of domestic animals,   To decrease euthanasia by promotion of adoptions of unwanted animals,  To provide education in the private sector of the importance of spaying and neutering."

Have-A-Heart Guinea Pig Rescue
Have a Heart is a guinea pig rescue located in Florence, NJ.  149 guinea pig lives have been saved so far because of Have a Heart. Mostly all piggies are saved from local animal shelters which there they are in danger of being put to sleep. The rescue currently houses approximately 31 guinea pigs waiting for forever homes. There is every color you can imagine, male and female.

Established in 1999, HELP-A-PET is a nonprofit organization with a single purpose: to provide financial assistance nationwide for the medical care of pets whose owners are unable to afford the expense.

Humane Society of Atlantic County
The Humane Society of Atlantic County is a non-profit organization funded solely through donations. Our purpose is to reduce the number of surplus animals through spaying or neutering and the adoption of homeless animals.  HSAC operates a spay/neuter clinic and animal shelter on US Highway 30 in Atlantic City, NJ.  You can also visit HSAC at their Petfinder site (click).

L.E.H.A.R. is a not for profit, no-kill animal rescue made up entirely of volunteers. They are dedicated to the health, rehabilitation, care and home placement of unwanted, abused, or abandoned animals in danger of being euthanized. LEHAR's no kill policy means that animals will not be euthanized as a means of population control, and animals will also not be euthanized for the sake of convenience.

Lost Dog Search
Lost dog searchers are often under an enormous amount of stress and tend to forget advice, ignore suggestions, and waste precious time...Based in southeastern Massachusetts, LostDogSearch is a one-person volunteer operation that provides free information, guidance, and support through this website, emails, and phone calls. Local assistance offered when logistics permit

Mansfield Animal Shelter
The Mansfield Animal Shelter is one of the most active shelters in southeastern Massachusetts. The Shelter handles both dogs and cats, and has one of the highest adoption rates.  Check their web page for directions and hours.

Marlee Animal Rescue
"Because Every Animal Deserves Another Chance!"  Located in North Berwick, Maine.

MSPCA Shelters and Adoption List
A clickable map of the seven MSPCA/AHES animal shelters around the state that take in and adopt out thousands of homeless and unwanted animals a year. MSPCA shelters a wide variety of purebred and mixed breed dogs and cats, as well as rabbits, guinea pigs, and many other small animals.

MSPCA also goes beyond sheltering: they provide advice on animal behavior and training, answer questions on dealing with wildlife, educate the public about responsible pet ownership and pet population control, and rescue injured pets and wildlife.

Since 1874, The New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NHSPCA) has been an active presence in Sea Coast New Hampshire.

New England Doberman Rescue
New England Doberman Rescue is a non-profit organization founded by volunteers that takes in lost, abandoned, unwanted and neglected Doberman Pinschers, as well as those whose families can no longer take care of them.

New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc.
Placing an Old English Sheepdog requires a lot of work , but the reward is in knowing we have saved a life or at least afforded an unwanted pet the opportunity for the good life he deserves. Our new owners are aware of how they have helped out an innocent furry creature who has run into some bad luck along the way.

New England Pomeranian Rescue
Dedicated to the rescue and placement of unwanted, abandoned and abused pomeranians in the New England area, into forever homes with loving families. We also aid in the rehoming of pomeranians whose owners can no longer care for their beloved companions for reasons that are
beyond their control.

New York All-Breed Referral
A place were shelters, rescues and individuals are welcome to list animals (all breeds) that are in need of help, homes, are lost or have been stolen.  We also refer people to legitimate and reputable breed and all breed rescues and breed clubs for any animal in need or when information is being sought.  We are happy to answer any and all questions you might have.  Educational material available upon request.

North Attleboro Animal Shelter
Visit the North Attleboro virtual Animal Shelter on-line.  Includes a comprehensive list of adoptable dogs and cats, as well as Lost and Found pages.

North East All Retriever Rescue  (NEARR)
NEARR is an all-volunteer group that works to adopt unwanted or neglected retrievers. NEARR works hard to ensure the proper placement of their dogs in loving, suitable homes.

North East Rottweiler Rescue and Referral
Education and Adoption resources for Rottweilers and their owners, serving
New England, downstate NY and northern NJ.  Extensive reference material. Site updated daily.

Northeast Australian Shepherd Rescue
Aussie Rescue helps place Aussies into permanent loving homes in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusettes, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Deleware, Maryland and Washington D.C.

Northeast Pekingese Rescue
The Northeast Pekingese Rescue exists to rescue Pekingese from kill shelters, abusive situations, and voluntary surrenders. NEPR places these Pekingese in foster homes until forever homes can be found and ensure that each Pekingese is healthy, neutered/spayed and up-to-date on all of their vaccinations.

Pet Behavior
A web site designed by veterinarians to personally help your dog, cat or bird with behavior problems.  Animal behavior problems are common and one of the biggest reasons that people give up their animals or treat them harshly. By treating behavior problems we can enhance the relationship between a person and their companion animal and prevent further damage.

Pet Tender Angels
Located in Greenville, SC, Pet Tender Angels is a rescue started by an individual who loves animals and wants to see no more homeless animals! The dogs in our rescue are off the streets. Strays, ferals, dumped....however they got there, our mission is to get them in loving homes and to educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering and loving care of your pets. Pets are not material objects. They are part of the family and need love just like humans do. 

Potter League for Animals
Potter League for Animals is an animal rescue league located in Middletown, Rhode Island.  They have animals for adoption and dog trainers on site.

PoundHounds is an all-breed volunteer rescue organization. Our mission is to facilitate the placement of abandoned or surrendered dogs currently in non-profit shelters or town-run pounds in Massachusetts.

Precious Pugs Rescue and Adoption
Precious Pugs Rescue and Adoption is an organization dedicated to the rescue and adoption of Pug dogs.  Their mission is to place lost, surrendered or abandoned pugs into loving, caring home.

Located in Connecticut, ROAR is dedicated to Rescuing Orphaned and Abused Rottweilers

SAVE - the Small Animal Veterinary Endowment, is Princeton's animal shelter. We are a haven for lost puppies, stray kittens, and dogs and cats whose owners can no longer care for them. We give them a home until they can be adopted. SAVE is a private, non-profit, organization...  We have been in existence since 1951 and are almost entirely supported by contributions.   This link takes you to their Petfinder web site.  They also have an internet site at

Save A Dog is an all-breed, all volunteer dog rescue group devoted to helping adoptable, friendly, dogs find permanent homes in the New England area. Their dogs reside in foster homes as this offers a better environment for them and provides an easier transition into an adoptive home. They often hold Adoption Events at local pet supply stores. Adoption dates are posted on their Web site.

Scales and Tails Exotic Pet Rescue
Scales and Tails, Inc. is a registered nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping rescue and place exotic pets.

Schoolhouse Rescue
Schoolhouse Rescue is part of the BOCES ANIMAL SCIENCE PROGRAM at the Binghamton, NY campus.  All dogs are spayed/neutered prior to adoption. Dogs are also up to date on shots and wormed. Puppies are placed on a spay/neuter contract with a refundable deposit.

Second Chance Animal Shelter
Second Chance Animal Shelter, Inc., headquartered in East Brookfield, MA, is a non-profit shelter that provides assistance in the placement of abandoned and surrendered animals.  Second Chance also offers referral assistance to those looking to adopt or surrender a pet.

Staffordshire Farm Rescue
Staffordshire Farm Rescue fosters and rehabilitates pitbulls.  Pitbull is the common term for several breeds of dogs which include American Staffordshire Terriers,  American PitBull Terriers, and  Pitbull Terriers.

Stray Pets in Need of Massachusetts
Stray Pets in Need (SPIN) of Wellesley, MA, is a community organization devoted to caring for homeless and abandoned pets. They provide animal care beyond that funded by town budgets. Visit their website to see the SPIN Pet of the Week and visit "Kitty City," their on-line shelter.

Springfield (MA) Animal Shelter
There are always a number of pets available at the MSPCA's Springfield shelter in need of good homes. Visit their virtual shelter to see what's available and learn more about the shelter.

Sullivan County SPCA
The Sullivan County S.P.C.A Web-Site Society for The Prevention Of Cruelty to Animals. The Sullivan County S.P.C.A. is a non-profit organization devoted to the care and welfare of animals.  Located in Rock Hill, NY.

Swansea Town Animal Shelter
Tthe Swansea Animal Shelter provides care and shelter to an annual census of 175 - 200 stray and lost animals per year. Happily,  85-90% of these animals were returned to their owners or found new safe and loving homes! With the aid of volunteers and the Swansea Friends of Animals, the little "extras" of home are provided. Daily walks, socialization, treats and even car rides help make the time spent at the shelter more  comfortable for current residents. Dedicated to the belief that all life has value, the Swansea Animal Shelter looks forward to providing a safe and caring environment for all that pass through its doors.

Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue
A non-profit, all volunteer shelter and educational organization. Here you will find adoptable bunnies looking for loving homes. You will also find links for care, health, toys, litter box training, and so much more!  Sweet Binks is located in Foster, Rhode Island and is the foster home for many buns from Rhode Island shelters and surrounding area shelters. Sweet Binks is dedicated to helping homeless bunnies and educating to prevent abandonment and improve the lives of companion rabbits. 

Taunton Animal Shelter
This is the Taunton, Massachusetts City Animal Shelter.  They have approximately 30 dogs and cats at all times, and all animals are spayed or neuterd, and up to date with their vaccinations.

The Pet Fund  New!
The Pet Fund wishes to provide our applicants for funding with every possible resource with which to develop financial independence. The Pet Fund is not responsible for the outcome of any involvement with any financial service associated with our website, but we do welcome you to make responsible decisions about which services might be appropriate for your individual financial situation. While the staff of The Pet Fund is unable to advise you regarding financial matters, we do encourage you to explore positive solutions to avoid future fiscal crises. The following are services which may be helpful to you to develop your financial resources.

Western Massachusetts Lost Pet and Adoption Webpage
A comprehensive listing of agencies, in and around Western Massachusetts, dedicated to finding lost animals, animal rescue, animal issues in the news, and animal education.   Includes links to the TJ O'Connor Regional Dog Pound.  It's worth spending some time browsing this site and its links.

Wildlife Rehab of Greenville
Wildlife Rehab of Greenville, SC is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of injured and orphaned wildlife in the 7 counties of the Upstate. WRG provides educational wildlife information to hundreds of area residents of all ages. In addition, each year our well trained rehabilitators give a second chance to more than 1,200 injured and orphaned animals before releasing them back to the wild.

Windhover Veterinary Center
A great resource for information about cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, and other pets.

Yankee Chihuahua Rescue and Adoption
YCRAA is a non-profit, tax-exempt Chihuahua rescue organization serving New England. A network of volunteers help place Chihuahuas and Chihuahua-mixed dogs in new homes. Each home is carefully screened before placement, each dog has a vet exam and is up-to-date on all shots, spayed and neutered and receives whatever other vet care is needed before adoption.

Lost Pet Links The following links provide information and resources for posting lost or stolen pets.

(Updated October 16, 2007)